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Clarity Property Manager

Case Study





Enhancing the capacity of legacy holiday accommodation software to improve owner experience and service to facility managers, owners and guests.





API interface to improve user booking experience and ROI marketing.





Scoping partnership in place with major Australian reservations channel management provider.


Clarity Data Suite

Understanding marketing ROI


Busy holiday accommodation managers have major challenges when it comes to understanding and improving the ROI on marketing investments.


Clarity Property Manager offers holiday accommodation managers and owners insightful reporting on the return on investment on marketing activities.


Using fresh API tech, Clarity aggregates multiple data sources to concisely understand and report marketing ROI.



This lets customers know exactly where marketing and advertising budget is spent, how it compares across platforms, and overall ROI position.


Clarity also provides meaningful database segmentation to better communicate with guest leads.


For guests, Clarity is improving the bookings and communications interface, enhancing UX at various touchpoints.


It all adds up to understanding and improving ROI on marketing investment.


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