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Flowd Smart Water MANAGEMENT

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Improve the way that NB IoT is aggregated from multiple data sources to provide water network managers with an intuitive and user-friendly sustainable water management dashboard.




Enable aggregation of data from multiple metering platform types and provide enhanced network mapping and visualisation to drive network water loss reduction. Automatic water leak and excess water use alerts to save water and money.




MVP complete with capability to service customers from major corporate clients to residential properties.


Flowd Smart Water Management


Sustainable water management and security of potable water resources is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today.


FLOWD makes sustainable water management easier, supporting communities to achieve long-term sustainability of potable water resources.


Envisaging a world where not a single drop of water is wasted, FLOWD is engineered as a best-practice software solution, for all aspects of potable water supply management.

Flowd smart water management app screenshots

FLOWD is the easiest way for major commercial and institutional customers to save water and money, offering real-time access to water use data at the touch of a button.


Automated water leak and excess water use alerts are among the numerous advanced digital water metering and management features.


Bringing robust and scalable tech solutions into water management, FLOWD is changing the world for the better, one drop at a time.

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