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Property Bible

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Support property managers to stay ahead of the game with better access to critical data in-situ.






Web-based application to collate all necessary property-specific data and make it available to services teams in-situ.





Major accommodation clients now using the product.

Property Bible


Holiday accommodation facility and inventory management.


Imagine having to manage hundreds of different properties or facilities, where every owner’s expectations vary and the different team members are expected to understand every nuance.


The Property Bible is a web-based, data management program for holiday accommodation property managers to better service owners and guests when it comes to asset management.


using the property bible app


It makes data readily available to services teams when they are in-situ at a property, offering easy access to all the essential information unique to each property.


Supports maintenance, cleaning, inventory management and processes associated with onboarding a property into a management portfolio.


Detailed housekeeping instructions, property inventories, cleaning checklists, policies and procedures can all be accessed by housekeepers and office staff anywhere, at any time.